Thursday 12 September 2013

So...? Va Va Volume Dry Shampoo and Daring Fragrance

So...? brings back plenty of memories right? I used to use it religiously back in the day and wouldn't leave the house without a quick spritz of the body fragrance. I probably owned them all at some point! 

I was excited to hear that they had a range of dry shampoo's coming out as I love to have a can ready to use on those days when you don't have time to wash your hair. The Va Va Volume Dry Shampoo works as a normal dry shampoo while adding volume and body to your hair. It works like the XXL one from Batiste, and although I do like that one too I love to have a different one to change it up a bit. My favourite part about this product is definitely the scent. With notes of vanilla, orange flower and mango it is right up my street - my favourite kind of scent! 

The body fragrance and EDT are actually surprisingly nice. I didn't expect to like these because it was something I used when I was younger and so expected the scent to be more suited to someone of a much younger age, but actually it's really nice! With notes of bergamot, spicy ginger and mint its something that I'll definitely get use out of, a quick easy spritz of the body fragrance when you're in a rush will be great!

I'll definitely be checking out the other dry shampoos in the range and will be having a look at the other scents in the range as they are so affordable!

What are your favourite So...? Scents? 

Lorna x


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  1. omg I used to love their body sprays! Bet these smell just as good.


  2. I'll definitely have to try out the dry shampoo! One of the things I'm not overly keen on with Batiste is the smell so I might like this one even more! :) x

  3. So...? Just reminds me of my school days! Didn't know they have their own dry shampoo coming out!? I hope the dry shampoo smells as good as their sprays! x


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