Wednesday 11 June 2014

Relax with Kneipp's Bath Oils

I love a good bath, it's my absolute favourite way to relax. Unfortunately I don't have a bath in my current house in London, but when I go home, that's where all the fun begins. I'm talking baths every evening and the fun part? Deciding what goes in them! 

Kneipp is a total new brand to me, but i've got their Deep Sleep* and Mandarin/Orange* Bath oils and I love them. They are so relaxing, the effect they give is amazing. My favourite is clearly the Mandarin/Orange as I have an obvious addiction to anything orange... We all know about my Mandarin addiction from The Body Shop but this is the next best thing. A bath oil that smells super strong and makes your bath turn an amazing colour? I love! The Deep Sleep one is great too, if I'm finding that I'm struggling to sleep then I'll use this one. Again it has a super relaxing scent and turns the bath water a beautiful blue shade - so pretty! 

The only downside is that it says to use the cap to work out how much product you need to put into the bath, but it's so hard to wash it all out and when you put the cap back on the product runs down the bottle onto the surface that you put it on. I pop it onto some tissue to just make sure I don't ruin the surface but all I'd say is to just pour it straight from the bottle into the bath, be generous, you won't regret it! 

Now I'm just waiting to go home yet again to get my bath on... I'm uber excited, can you tell! 

Lorna x


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  1. Definitely have to try these, they look so relaxing!

  2. I've never tried bath oils nor anything from Kneipp but they sound amazingly good for a relaxing bath! xx


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