Friday 13 June 2014

The Boyfriend Post: Bumble and Bumble sumotech

Male beauty isn't that often talked about, I mean there are obviously male specific beauty bloggers who are fantastic at what they do but this market is so women dominated that I thought it could help to post about some of those products that are used by males to help us find the perfect gifts that do actually work and are actually great. I've started putting my boyfriend to the test by trying out some products for me. A male that enjoys treating himself right, but is often a little unknown when it comes to most things but has obviously picked up quite a lot from beauty obsessed me... Callum usually steers clear of hair product as they often weigh his hair down, but this one from Bumble and Bumble was a little different... 

The latest product I've added to his beauty drawer is the Bumble and Bumble sumotech*, a mid weight moulding compound. Just like they describe, it's not a wax, it's not a paste and it's not a creme, but something more in between. Callum described it as a thick, slightly waxy and with a gum like texture. And in his books, that seems to be good. I've noticed him using it on those days he decides not to hide his hair under a beanie and for him, that's a great thumbs up! The only thing he did say was that he needed to use quite a bit, so ladies if you do pick this up for your man (or dad, or or brother, or friend..) then make sure to give him that top tip. 

Thumbs up from Callum means a big thumbs up from me! Now, excuse me while I go shopping at Bumble and Bumble myself. If it's good for him then it'll be even better for me... 

Lorna x


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  1. This product would be great for my dad, not much for my boyfriend since he has longer hair than me haha! But it sounds great! Have to check it out! I really like the idea of you posting about male products it helps us girls to choose better when shopping for them! xx



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