Thursday 26 June 2014

Sponsored Video: NIVEA #BRINGITON

Nivea have launched a new campaign to inspire women to #BRINGITON to celebrate the confidence and spirit of all of us lovely ladies and to get us to embrace life in every way shape or form, just like you can see the women doing in the video. I don't know about you but the film has got me feeling head over the heals for the sun and I just want to get out there and do a bit of hand standing and sunbathing myself... Perhaps with a cocktail or two, what are we thinking ladies? Mojito, Pina Colada, or perhaps my total fave... the Pornstar Martini (I really wish this wasn't the name, but damn, the drink taste so good!). 

Embrace everything that comes towards you girls, and make the most out of everything. And with all of life's trials and tribulations... the message of this video is to let you know that Nivea will always have your back and honestly, I'd agree with that. It's a household name, everyone knows it, everyone uses it. Whether it's for your daily moisturiser (or in-shower moisturiser!) or sun cream, they've got you protected and will always be there for you and everyone around you. So don't worry about burning in the sun (uber pale gals like me will know all about this!) just pop on a bit of Nivea and you're sorted! 

I'm feeling like writing a bucket list for the summer after watching this video, it would just be perfect. I'm thinking road trips, trips home, being spontaneous... etc. May have to get back to you on the actual list but for now, my summer consists of blogging, my dissertation and working for the wonderful BeautySpotter. I'm their Digital Brand Manager, don't ya know! Exciting, eh? 

What are your plans for the summer? Has Nivea inspired you to do anything? 

Lorna x

*This post has been sponsored by NIVEA, but all views are my own, as always!


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