Wednesday 25 February 2015

A Mini Beauty Haul

Being a beauty blogger we all know how obsessed I am with beauty, but through writing about it I am so privileged to be sent a lot of products which often stops me buying a lot myself, as my budget has changed since being at uni, and I often have to think whether I buy that new YSL lippy or pay my rent. That real life shiz you know. So it rarely comes that I'll pop into Boots and actually pick up a few bits and not just browse. 

I recently finished my dissertation and after spending all day every day in the library and spending money solely on croissants and peppermint tea to fuel me through the day, I thought it was about time I was a little bit spendy and picked up a few bits to treat myself. Now I thought about going overboard, and trust me, I can't even believe I restrained myself enough not to, but these were the few bits that made the cut and honestly, I'm very happy with them. 

First up, I popped into Liberty and I've been a fan of the Aesop Parsley Seed range, namely their Parsley Seed Mask, for a long time now. I used to do that thing where I'd pop in, have a chat with the sales assistant and ask for a sample of it and that was where the obsession began. It works, Aesop are the brand I've found to be the most generous with samples, none of that snooty business you get from other brands, they just fully understand that you'd want to try before you buy. After picking up quite a few every time I was around a counter the novelty kind of wore off and I ended up either not being around a counter or honestly, just not being bothered to go through the spiel from the brand when I already know that I bloody love the product. I went without it for a while and I can't tell you how much my skin missed it and I couldn't find anything cheaper that would come close, so I kind of just thought stuff it and I bit the bullet and picked up the full size and I'm so happy that I did. This mask is amazing. Life changing in fact. Perfect for a pamper sesh. 

As if that wasn't enough, I was feeling some Boots haulin'. I wanted to pick up a lot but there wasn't really anything that stood out to me really. I wanted to pick out something for my brows to try and steer myself away from my love of the HD Brows Kit and so I just had to pick up the Soap and Glory Archery Brow Stick in Chocolate and I'll vouch for what people say, it's better than you can imagine. Onto the last product, something that has been on my wish list for the entire time I've been blogging and I really don't know why I waited this long to pick it up. There's just something super satisfying about a palette. Hence my love for the UD Naked Palettes, I wanted to get a few more bargainous palettes in my collection and a few other shades that I wouldn't usually use. I picked up the Sleek Storm palette that everyone and their dog has but you know, I just needed it too right? I had my eye on the deep green in this palette and although I haven't tried it out yet, I still cannot wait to sweep this shadow on my lids. 

I picked these up a while ago and I can't help but feel that it's time to get haulin' again. What beauty bits have you been picking up lately? 

Lorna x


  1. Ah I'm going to have to re purchase the storm palette, I lost mine when I moved house and I'm mourning it!


  2. Ah you did good to not go over board it's so easy to: and well done for getting the stuff you needed xx



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