Sunday 15 February 2015

Contouring For Pale Skin: The Game Changer

Any pale gal out there will know how daunting it can be with the idea of any bronzer/contour product going near that pale skin of yours. Every bronzer I've tried just does nothing for my skin, it's always too orange toned and looks terrible against my complexion, but then one day the wonderful brand of Rodial came into my life and everything changed. 

I had always seen pale girls sporting a contour, but all the products I'd tried in the past had just put me off as they hadn't work so it got to the point where I just didn't really feel like spending any more in hope of getting that contour in my life. Enter the Rodial Instaglam Compact Deluxe Contouring Powder* and everything changed. I first gave this a go at their Sculpting Bar in Harvey Nichols and have been in love ever since. They showed me how to contour, although it's pretty simple, just brush some of the powder underneath your cheekbones with a little help from the Rodial Sculpting Brush*, the softest brush and totally fit for purpose. The powder blends into the skin flawlessly giving the effect that you're after. It's that simple and I'm so happy it's super easy to use. Add a little bit to the brush each time, you can build up the colour and blend. You can contour the sides of your nose, and under your chin also to add definition. Though, if this contour isn't enough and you're feeling fancy then I'd completely recommend using the Rodial Instaglam Compact Deluxe Bronzing Powder* and although the orange toned bronzer in the images looks completely daunting, it really isn't. I don't know why it came out so orange, no colour balance changes could change this, but trust me this doesn't show it's true shade - sorry! Add a little of this over your contour to add more of a bronzed glow with a fluffy brush and you'll look as though you've just stepped off the plane from a luxe and hot holiday - the dream! 

These products aren't the cheapest, but trust me they're well worth it. I'm obsessed and they're worth every penny. The luxe packaging and the amazing products are well, amazing, and trust me I'm not just saying that. I rarely talk about any sort of bronzer/adding any sort of colour to my face as I just haven't really found anything worth mentioning until now. I've always wanted that perfectly sculpted look on pale skin but I just couldn't find anything that wouldn't leave me looking like an orange so I just steered clear from it completely. I honestly can't remember using any sort of bronzer/contour and not hating it before these products came into my life. If you can't afford to buy all three, I can't recommend picking up the contour powder as it's just the perfect shade for us pale skinned gals, a much more cooler tone than the warm oranges I'm used to.

Okay, I'll stop babbling, but just trust me, I blooming love these products. Total game changers as the title suggests. 

What do you use to contour? 

Lorna x


  1. I need that Sculpting powder in my life.. it's screaming at me!!! You look gorgeous! :) I usually go for the Soap & Glory Solar Powder or the Kiko Daring Game Sculpting bronzer palette xx

    Mary Bloomy

  2. The brush looks amazing. I've only just dipped a toe into the pool of contouring but I want this already!


  3. Ooh this looks lovely! I really want that brush. I've been using a cool-toned eyeshadow to contour, it's much more flattering on my pale skin than a lot of products :) xx



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