Wednesday 18 February 2015

Quick and Easy Eyes: Bourjois Colourband Eyeshadow Crayons

I've got a few eye shadow sticks in my collection, but for some reason I never reach for them. I'm all about the Urban Decay Naked Palettes or a few of my NARS shadows but the rest rarely gets a look in. Enter the Bourjois Colourband Eyeshadow Sticks* and everything changed. 

I'm all for ease. If anything will make my life easier then I'll be all over that and I'd like to say that's fairly visible with my 'The Lazy Girls Guide' series. Beauty Hacks, oh yeah. The shadow crayons are a one swipe wonder with their pigmentation. It's honestly beautiful, but there's one that just made me fall in love with the collection and I've basically used everyday since. 

The collection features a range of shades: 01 Noir Abstract; the blackest black you will ever see, 02 Brun Dadaiste; a deep brown great for smoking up an eye look, 03 Beige Minimalist; an inner corner highlight that works with ANY eye look, 04 Rose Fauviste; a rose gold that dreams are made of (and my absolute favourite of the collection), 05 Mauve Baroque; a gorgeous mauve and probably one of the more interesting shades of the collection and 06 Gris Graffiti; another favourite to smoke up an eye look, perfect for in the crease and outer corner. 

These can be used as an eyeshadow or an eyeliner, they last forever and they can be smudged before they set. They last so long that actually I love using them as a base for powder shadows. As you can tell Rose Fauviste is my absolute favourite. Not really a rose gold kinda gal, but there's just something about this shadow when it's applied to my lids. It changes everything. I have a combo that's heavenly with this shadow, but I'll save that for a separate post, because trust me, it deserves it. You can use them on their own if your really short of time, apply to the lid like you would a crayon and blend and then you're good to go, it literally takes seconds. 

I'm in love with these babies and they're a regular feature (daily, definitely daily) in my makeup bag and I really can't see them disappearing any time soon. The shades are so versatile there's always something you can go back to using. Easy to apply, amazing pigmentation and long lasting colour, what more could you want? Can you tell I love them yet? 

Have you tried these? What are your favourite Eye Shadow Crayons? Would love to try more!

Lorna x

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  1. These look really lovely - some of the colours are perfect - will definitely be looking oIt for them next time I am in town x


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