Wednesday 12 August 2015

Eating in London: Mayfair Pizza Company

It's been a while... The foodies out there, especially the Londoner's may have been missing these posts. I know I certainly have. But life has been a little busy (post coming on this soon, I promise) and so all of this has had to take a bit of a back seat. I'll get it sorted soon, I swear. 

I am the biggest Pizza fan out there. I don't know where it came from... Probably from sampling some of the best Pizza joints in London including my favourites Pizza Pilgrims and Homeslice - there's pizza out there that isn't that greasy takeaway stuff that cures hangovers, there's pizza that actually tastes incredible - and that's just what did it. 

Mayfair Pizza Company* is the kind of pizza joint that you'd go on a date, or would take your friends and family to to make an evening of it if you know what I mean. I probably wouldn't even call it a pizza joint, pizza restaurant is probably more apt. The decor is fancy and hours could pass drinking wine, muching on pizza and enjoying the great service that I'd not hesitate to return if a good catch up is needed. Fancy pizza if you will. 

The bit you've all been waiting for... The food and what we actually ate. To start we got the Bruschetta and the Salt and Pepper Squid. Both absolutely incredible. Super simple, and things I virtually always opt for - you'll know about my squid obsession from previous Eating in London posts (the squid from my Eating in London: Shikumen post was to die for). We shared and devoured the lot.

Onto the main event - the pizzas. Now Mayfair Pizza Company don't actually just serve pizzas as the name suggests. They have a range of dishes and I just have to go back to try some of their pasta dishes including the Dorset Crab and Chilli Risotto and the Rigatoni Al Fungi - both sound incredible, but as a Pizza fan there really was no decision to be made. 

We were both struggling to pick, torn between two each and that was when we were told that we could have half and half pizzas. Something which isn't noted on the menus and something which makes this restaurant that bit more incredible. We both opted for a special with prawns and spinach - no tomato base, but this wasn't missed as it tasted incredible and the prawns were the best I've had in a long while. Hello flavour! On the other half, I opted for the Mayfair Pizza Co. Truffle and Porcini Mushroom pizza and this was an absolute stand out for me. I can't even describe how incredible this tasted - if you're a mushroom lover, you need to try this. Michaela went for the Fiorentina on the other half, covered in marscapone, spinach, soft boiled eggs, parmesan and extra virgin olive oil. Tasted amazing too and we wolfed it down. 

The main event though, and the best bit of the whole meal. Desert pizza. PIZZA FOR DESERT. I've never thought of having a sweet pizza before but it's literally the most genius thing I've ever seen. I don't usually have much of a sweet tooth but when something nutty and chocolate-y (aka Nutella) is involved that all changes. This is the Chocolate and Hazelnut pizza with ice cream and you need to try this. Stop what you're doing. Try it. Go and try it now. It's incredible! 

I was blown away by Mayfair Pizza Company this time and I honestly cannot recommend it enough. They went above and beyond to make our evening what it was (two flavoured pizza's I'm looking at you). If you fancy some 'fancy' pizza then you need to look no further.

Where's your favourite pizza joint? 

Lorna x


  1. Oh my gosh this sounds absolutely incredible. Serious food envy going on right now.




  2. This all looks and smells amazing! I'm deffo going to have to try and get myself down there when i'm next through London!
    Love, Maisie ♡

  3. These pictures are dreamy, all the pizzas look delicious x

    Lucy |

  4. Ooooh Lorna this looks awesome! Some serious gourmet pizza going on there, and the squid sounds delishh too!

    Gemma x |


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