Sunday 16 August 2015

Eating in London: Vapiano

Quick, speedy and good food can be hard to come by in London - or just about anywhere. Vapiano* is perfect for that, it's definitely not Mayfair Pizza Company but it's pretty damn good and the prices are on point. There are a number around London, and it's perfect for dropping in after a busy day to refuel. 

I popped down to the branch just off Oxford Street with a couple of my friends to catch up. Vapiano isn't like other restaurants - there's no table service, so I wouldn't recommend going here if you want that sit down, catch up vibe - this really isn't the place for that. You go up to the respective station - pizza or pasta and order and they make it there and then, right in front of your eyes. This is great as they ask you what you want in it, and can alter it to your tastes - aka. no chilli, extra chilli... the list goes on. The stations are separate, so if you're going with someone who wants pasta and you want pizza you're unlikely to see them for a while... But that's okay as it means the food gets there quicker. 

We went for a couple of pasta dishes and a pizza. I opted for the Scampi E Spinachi with tagliatelle. A pasta dish filled with king prawns, basil pesto, spinach, onions, cherry tomatoes and cream - it was heaven and I'd eat this all over again in a heartbeat. My friend Alex, a Bolognese fiend opted for... Bolognese, of course. He went for it with tagliatelle too and extra parmesan. It disappeared and so it must have been great - a good bolognese on his scale! We mopped the pasta sauce up with their cheesy garlic bread which was delicious. On the pizza front, Michaela went for the Scampi E Rucola with tuna as recommended by the pizza chef- after a little mix up with the toppings and a little bit bit of a longer wait than expected - the pizza arrived. A good pizza, and so great for the price. 

Onto desert with another glass of wine in tow, we all opted for something different as we wanted to try too many. We went for the panna cotta, death by chocolate chocolate cake and the cioccolata foresta nera - layers of chocolate, with nutella, sponge fingers and cream. They were all great and a nice round off to the meal. 

Really quick and simple food that is incredible for the price. If you need a bite to eat and don't have loads to spend then I'd really recommend Vapiano, if you're looking to spend a bit more time enjoying your meal and want to have time to chat then probably not. It does what you'd expect and I can't fault that. 

Lorna x


  1. I love going to Vapiano, the food is lovely and it's just so quick!

  2. Everyone looks spectacular - especially that pasta!

    xoxo - Kelly

  3. I had no idea that Vapiano worked like that - it sounds great that the food is freshly made there and then and that you can customise everything how you like it. Your food looks super tasty too! I love your food posts :)

    Gemma x |


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