Sunday 1 November 2015

5 Blushers Reviewed

I go through phases with blush, I remember when I never used to use it... but then I fell in love with the Inika Mineral Blush and everything changed. I just can't get enough of that hint of a rosy glow on my cheeks. 

I'm blooming obsessed with NARS. I just can't get enough. I wrote about my love for the NARS Dual Intensity Blush range previously and I just wanted to mention the beauty that is Frenzy over again. This range is perfect if you like a bit of shimmer in your blush - and the best bit? You get two shades in one. Frenzy is the perfect blush and highlight combo and although the shades may look like they'd work better during spring/summer, I think they can work all year round... and you know what? I'll be using it all year round for sure. It works incredibly well with my pale skin and you can achieve either a subtle wash of colour or something a bit more intense as it can be used both wet or dry. 

If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know what a fan of The Body Shop I am. I'm always excited to see what they've got coming out and the Honey Bronze range is something that everyone talks about - and rightly so. This is named a highlighting dome, but I use it to add a bit of colour while highlighting also. It's a beautiful pink shade and is a super creamy product that applies really nicely. It blends well and smells incredible. 

This blush is perfect if you love a subtle wash of colour, because it really is just that. It's a cream/gel texture and comes out of a pump and applies nicely. Blend it quickly as it dries well. 

As I mentioned previously I am a massive fan of Inika and their blushers and this one is no exception. The packaging is a little different but the product is fairly similar. This is in a pink shade and comes in a mineral powder and takes a little blending as you'd expect from a loose powder. It applies beautifully and I love it! 

I've loved and used Barry M for as long as I can remember. It was the first beauty brand I ever really got into and it's been there ever since.... and I can't see it going anywhere either. I was sceptical about this blusher in the stick format at first but it provides a beautiful glow to my cheeks like nothing else I've tried. I like layering it over the Inika blush I mentioned at the beginning of the post - the one that got me into blush - as it gives a different dimension and texture to my makeup look. It's a massive bargain too. 

What blushers are you loving at the moment? 

Lorna x

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