Friday 13 November 2015

Falling In Love With Jo Loves

Well the name is pretty apt. I can see why Jo 'loves'. 

Introducing Jo Loves, the latest range from the one and only Jo Malone MBE. Featuring a range of incredible and luxe scents, it's well worth a look because I have well and truly fallen in love.

I've got a bespoke Jo Loves Shot Candle*... One of the most exciting and luxurious things I own. I made this in the Jo Loves studio with Jo Malone herself and she coins it a piece of art, and I can truly see why. You get to choose the scents yourself. I went for Charcoaled Lemons as my base and Mango as my shot. It smells incredible and burns beautifully. I'm obsessed and instead of saving it as a special occasion candle as I always do (which always leaves me NEVER using it), I'm burning this baby and I just can't get enough. It's incredible, and it's an incredible experience. 

When I was there in the Jo Loves Studio to make my candle, I of course had a good sniff of the fragrances and one truly stood out to me. I rarely fall in love with new fragrances but the Jo Loves Pomelo fragrance* got me hook, line and sinker. With citrus notes this fragrance is really refreshing and I love applying it in the morning. 

I'm obsessed with the brand and I just need to take another trip down to the studio to try everything else out. I'm converted, I wasn't sure it would be as good as the Jo Malone brand but it well and truly is. 

Lorna x

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