Wednesday 4 November 2015

5 Hairsprays Reviewed

Hairsprays are something I probably neglect too much - but it's one of those things that really do make a difference. I'm not loyal to any one hairspray and am always trying something new out, but I thought these few were worth mentioning. 

I love GHD. Their straighteners are something I've used for years and years and this hairspray is no different. It holds the hair and gives the hair a lovely look to it for that final finish - no need to worry about your hair looking crispy here. 

This hairspray is a bit of a strange one, and by that I don't mean it isn't good because it really is but the whole 'fast dry' part of it is a little confusing. In the same range, theres a quick dry spray to speed up the drying of your hair... and so the name of this one sounds like it'll do the same. I assume it means that the hairspray itself dries quickly, and that it really does. Again it doesn't leave your hair looking or feeling crispy which is a winner in my book. 

This is my go-to hairspray for when I want my hair to properly stay in place. If I'm looking for big volume and for that to stay - this is my go-to. 

I always seem to have one of these in my beauty stash somewhere. Tresemme is super affordable and I feel like everyone uses it. It does what it says on the tin, and for an incredible price. 

This is my go-to mini hairspray for travelling. Not only is it a great mini, it's a great hairspray too. It holds my hair in place without leaving it feeling crispy. 

Lorna x


  1. I really should invest in a decent hairspray - I love the sound of all of these!

    Lucy |

  2. GHDs are my favourite too! I always use Fat Hair Spray and find it really holds my hair in place, but it can look a little crispy, so I think the GHD hairspray is something I need to try. xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  3. To be honest the only time I really use hairspray is when I've curled my hair and the one I use at the moment is the Tresemme one, but I only really picked it up because it was cheap. I recently bought one of the Fudge ones I think it is that smells amazing (like Pina Coladas) but I'm disappointed it leaves a strange thin wiry feeling on my hair x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty


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