Friday 19 April 2013

30 Ways To Save £1

I have been invited by Money Supermarket to take part in this blog post 'tag'; 30 ways to save £1! It's such a fun idea and as a student myself, I am always looking for ways to save money so I really can't wait to read other people's ideas. So here goes.... 

  1. Try and use up a product you have already before buying a new one. One in, one out?
  2. Think about whether you really need something before buying it. We all have that product or item of clothing that we have never worn right? 
  3. Utilise the way you use your products, read my post here and find out how!
  4. Do you have loads of unwanted and unused beauty products or clothes? Have a blog sale, someone might want what you don't.
  5. Before buying something online, always check to see whether there is a discount code or on websites like Buyapowa and Wowcher. 
  6. Try and pick up a sample of a product you want to buy before buying it, that way you'll know you like it and won't have that dreaded feeling when you hate a product you have spent so much on.
  7. Rather than eating out wherever you fancy, find a discount voucher online, sometimes places over amazing deals!
  8. Charity Shops! Rather than scouring Topshop, why not take a look in your local charity shops? I have found some gems in there myself for crazy prices and of course, it's going to a good cause!
  9. If you are a Student, make sure you've always got your Student card on you! The discount is great.
  10. If you are spending a lot of money in a certain place, why not try and get a job there? Not only will you love it and be earning money, you'll be getting a great staff discount too!
  11. Rather than ordering in a takeaway, why not make a takeaway inspired meal yourself? Chances are it's going to be much better for you and way cheaper too!
  12. Always bring food with you to work or University rather than buying food there, it can save you so much money!
  13. Make Tea's and Coffees there rather than buying expensive ones from Costa. 
  14. If you make a big meal and don't eat it all, keep it for leftovers, it can taste better the next day sometimes!
  15. Basics brands are seriously okay! In some cases they are a very similar product but it can save you so much!
  16. Shop around and find out where the cheapest supermarket is. Sainsbury's is the closest to me but it's so pricey! Ordering online from ASDA is so much cheaper as delivery works out so cheap at only a few pound - you can also order in a group saving more!
  17. Have a look at your local green grocers, often the fruit and vegetables are much cheaper than the normal supermarkets, and usually much better quality too.
  18. Follow this Facebook Page, their posts are genius! See it here
  19. Pre-drink! Who's with me?
  20. On a night out, if you have far to travel, take a bottle with you for the journey and buy less or no drinks out!
  21. When on a night out, don't take your bank card with you! You definitely wouldn't think that getting all the rounds in and spending all your money would be a good idea if you had a sober mind!
  22. Get a Rail Card! I save so much money through going home using mine. 
  23. If you cant afford to travel by train however, you can always get a much cheaper rate by travelling by coach.
  24. If you live in London, make sure you've got an oyster card and if you have a travel card you can merge the two together for even better discount!
  25. Do you really need to watch TV live? Save money and watch Catch Up TV for free online, no need for a TV licence here!
  26. Buy a Printer! Having my own printer has saved me so much time, money and effort! I can print in the safety of my own room without having to go to the library to print at a cost. 
  27. Never pay full prices for Theatre or Theme Park tickets, there's always some sort of discount somewhere. This is the same for the Cinema. Hello Orange Wednesdays!
  28. Perhaps you could walk instead of getting the bus? Would save you a little each time!
  29.  Ebay! Not only can you sell things but you can also pick things up at bargain prices. Do you remember that dress you wanted ages ago but regretted not buying? Chances are that it'll be on here for cheaper!
  30. If your not loving that item of clothing like you used to but really can't throw it away, then perhaps you could customise or change it? Perhaps make those old jeans into shorts or add studs to that jacket you weren't so keen on! Customisation is key! 
I really hope you liked this post and I'd love it if you'd leave your money saving tips below! 

I'd also love it if you would take part! Link your posts and ideas below :) 



  1. Great post! I'm considering a blogsale now :-) If I can think of 30 things I'd give it a go :-)

    Megan x

    1. I really would love to see it! :) Really need to do a blog sale too! x

  2. You've got some really good ideas here, I'm awful at saving money, I have a holiday, 2 festivals and freshers to save up for.. What uni are you at?

    Caitlin x

    1. I know the feeling! Saving is so hard! I'm at Westminster :) xx

  3. This is great! I particularly liked the 'predrink' one - I am so with you there!!
    Bella x

  4. great post! I will keep these tips in mind!

    Eve x

  5. Genious post - I will definitely keep these tips in mind

    LiLi Xx


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