Wednesday 17 April 2013

Hairspray and Lipstick Academy Event: Cara Delevingne Spring/Summer Inspired Look

Last week, I took a trip down to the Hairspray and Lipstick Academy for an event they were having to show us the Academy and what they were doing there. It was really interesting to hear about the Academy and meet the make up artists behind it. 

The Academy is currently running discounted courses if you book for May, you can take a look at the website here and see the different courses they run.  

I had my make-up by the lovely Eva, we opted for a Cara Delevingne Spring/Summer look. 

Eva taught me so much in the time she was doing my make up, she used such a mixture of products for different things and now I know I'll get much more use out of my products.

You can read about how we achieved this look here for an article I wrote for Baobella

Here's the finished look: 

I was so happy with the outcome as it really isn't a look I would usually go for. I usually opt for eye around the eyes and a statement lip so this definitely made a nice change. I would never have thought of using a lip contour pencil for the brows or a lip gloss to create a highlighter. Eva told us that as long as the shade is right you can use a product in anyway you like, that way you get more use out of the products you do have and don't have to spend unnecessary amounts on new shades of different products. Tip of the day for you there! 

Would you go on a make up course? 



  1. you look stunning!


  2. This look is absolutely gorgeous! And so glowy, I have been looking for makeup looks for prom and I think something like this would be great so thanks for the inspiration!!xx

  3. you're soo pretty and your makeup is gorgeous .


  4. This is a really pretty subtle look. really suits you xx

  5. You look really nice here, it is such a nice, natural look :)
    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing


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