Friday 5 April 2013

Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Mulberry

Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Mulberry - £4.99 at Superdrug

I originally bought this Lipstick around Halloween time. I hadn't decided what I was going to dress up as (post on that here!) but as I had been loving the darker lipsticks and in the Halloween spirit I decided to pick this up. 

Mulberry is a very dark purple shaded lipstick. It is a sheen finish lipstick which means it is very moisturising on the lips. I think I go through phases of loving different formula's of lipstick and usually I love quite a matte finish, but I think with the colder weather around it has been making me like a much more moisturising finish to them. 

I can't say I've ventured out in this lipstick too much... actually the only time I have worn it yet is on Halloween but I wouldn't put that down to the product at all but the way I am currently storing it. I can't wait to move out of Halls or even just have a little bit of time to sort through it all and store it in a better way to allow myself to use the products I just keep forgetting about. 

Here is a little shot of me wearing the lipstick, I'm sure you've all seen this picture before but I thought I'd show it again just for the purpose of the lip swatch. 

Have you tried any sleek lipsticks? What are your favourite shades?



  1. that's a really nice colour! Have you seen Sleek's exaggerate? It's like a dark violet (and probably a bit more wearable than Mulberry)

  2. Oh I have this one too ! I'm absolutely in love with this colour !

  3. I love this lipstick, the formula is lovely! xx

  4. Love this colour - i've been looking for a real deep purple like this xxx

  5. Oh my god you look amazing.. wow!!! So gorgeous xx

  6. This lipstick is gorgeous! I hsve the topshop lipstick "depth" and reminds me a bit of that x

  7. LOVE this colour, been meaning to get my hands on it for ages. Going into town tomorrow so hopefully I'll grab it then!xx


  8. I love this colour, I'm a bit addicted to berry colours at the mo and this one looks fab on you xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  9. That colour is stunning!! Newest follower Hun x

  10. Hey! Got your link from the chat yesterday. Love your blog. Now following :D
    Also, great post! I actually own this exact lipstick and love it! I can't wear it too strong though, as it makes me look like an evil vampire! Lol so I use it quite lightly to give a nice hint of colour with lipbalm over it. So strongly pigmented Sleeks Lipsticks are! Love them :) xx xx

  11. What a dramatic colour! LOVE IT
    would love it if we could follow one another- let me know!

  12. love this colour im obsessed with dark purple shades, think theyre sooo pretty xxx
    now following xxx

  13. I have this shade and I love it! I can't wait to wear it for autumn! :) x


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