Saturday 20 April 2013

Butter London Summer Holiday Collection

Butter London Summer Holiday Collection Polishes*
Poole, Sunbaker, Bit Faker, Marbs, Champers

The Summer Holiday Collection is the upcoming collection from Butter London. The shades are designed to work well with sun-kissed skin and the sun itself. A collection full of metallics, glitter and a turquoise, there is a shade for everyone in this collection. I've previously wrote about the event on my blog and in an article on Baobella.

Butter London polishes are free from DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde. They apply so well, very smooth and streak free and dry unbelievably quickly. I'm not really one for painting my nails that often as sometimes it just feels like a chore but with the ease of application and short drying time with these polishes, I will definitely be having more of a go with these! 

When first seeing this collection I didn't really think that the metallic shades were really to my taste although I did love Bit Faker and Poole - a lot more up my street. But, it wasn't until I actually applied the polish to my nails until I really realised how great they all were! They shine so beautifully in the sun, and I can really see why Butter London have chosen them for their Holiday collection... Excuse my while I pop them in my Holiday make up bag! 

L-R     Bit Faker, Champers, Marbs, Sunbaker, Poole

Bit Faker

Every girl loves a good glitter polish! I'm usually one to go for a much brighter shade as they usually stand out to me when shopping but I am so glad I now have this one in my collection. It only takes two coats to be opaque - absolutely amazing for a glitter polish! And it dries very quickly. The bronze shade is much more wearable than a bright glitter so I can imagine I'll get a lot more use out of it as it literally does go with everything. 


As I mentioned previously, I really didn't expect to like this polish but after swatching it I love it! It is quite a subtle metallic shade and works really well with my skin tone. Just like Bit Faker, it's very wearable and would go with everything. This looks absolutely stunning in the light, you need to try it to understand it's true beauty! 


Just like with Champers, I really didn't expect to like this. The gold polish looks absolutely amazing in the light, the pictures really don't do it justice.  


Probably my least favourite out of the collection, although I do love it a lot more than I first expected after swatching - just like with the others. A lovely copper orange shade that reflects just as nicely in the light as Marbs and Champers. 


This has got to be my favourite in the collection! An African turquoise with no shimmer is right up my street. I am a lover of this mint green shade and the formulation of these polishes means that it's got to be a new favourite of mine. The polish was opaque in one coat, amazing! 

It seems that Butter London may be my new favourite quality nail polish brand. The quality of the polishes are unreal. They are quite a bit more expensive than a normal high street nail polish but I really can see why. If I'm ever feeling like treating myself then I'm sure I'll be heading straight for the Butter London stand in Boots. 

This collection will be available to buy in August, and the Butter London range can now be bought in Boots! Take a look at their range here



  1. I love the look of Poole, such a beautiful colour x

    1. Probably is my favourite in the collection! x

  2. Nice shades! I have never tried Butter London. Its on my list.. hopefully soon! :)

  3. Poole is such a stunning colour! I also love that Butter London is available in Boots now! I did a post on Butter London's come to bed red on my blog. It's a such a classic and sophisticated red.
    A MakeupHabit

  4. Bitfaker and Poole are lovely! xxx

  5. Bit Faker looks AMAZING. I have yet to try Butter London polishes yet but I'm really feeling the urge now.
    When I saw the first photo of the bottles, I thought I would like Champers but on the nail it reminds me of MaxFactor Glossfinity 'Angel Nails' which I detested.

  6. I think I'm in love with Champers - I think I might have to go and invest!

    1. They're so worth the money, the quality is so great! x

  7. Love all of these! Lovely post, following!

  8. These look gorgeous! I love the look of Champers & Sunbaker.
    Hurry up summer..!

    Jesss xo

  9. These look so so nice, I'm still yet to try Butter polishes.
    My favourite here is definitely Champers :)

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing


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