Wednesday 12 June 2013

Hawaiian Tropic Protective Sun Lotion

Ever since receiving a sample of Hawaiian Tropic's Silk Hydration Protective Sun Lotion in an ASOS order, I have always wanted to try more of their products. The smell was amazing and it hydrated my skin like I was applying a moisturizer - none of that sticky sun cream nonsense. I recently went on holiday to Tunisia and took these along with me to give them a good try out. (along with plenty of other products of course, the beauty blogger in me couldn't resist!)

I'm pretty fair skinned so always need high protection. I used to always think I didn't need it and would always think I know best and would always opt for a much lower SPF but would always come out burnt to a crisp, so thankfully I have now learnt from my ways and hopefully I won't be going back. I usually go for SPF 50 just to be sure but I always like to have a lower SPF to apply to specific areas that I don't necessarily feel need quite as much as the day progresses. 

I found these to smell nice, not quite as nice as the Silk Hydration, and it didn't quite have that moisturizing effect, but it was a lot nicer than a lot of sun creams I have previously used. I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed as I had expected much more. (luckily I took a range of other Hawaiian Tropic products with me, which I'm sure I'll be telling you about soon! and gave those a go as well). 

These sun creams are really nice, and they definitely do the job so I will definitely get through each of the bottles but I was just left wanting a little more. I really do love the Silk Hydration products, so this definitely hasn't knocked my love for Hawaiian Tropic, but I will just make sure to purchase the ones I know and love in the future! 

Have you tried Hawaiian Tropic before? What are your favorite products?



  1. I recently bought the Silk Hydration Protective Sun Lotion as well as the after sun and I'm in love with it! As you said, it smells incredible and it's so moisturizing

    x Elise

    1. it's gorgeous. the aftersun is my all time favourite from them though! I fell in love! x

  2. I use Nivea as its great for my sensitive skin, however I do want to try this as I've only ever heard good things x

    1. i've actually never tried the nivea ones, will have to give it a go! x


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