Wednesday 5 June 2013

Introducing Deborah Milano

Deborah Milano is an Italian cosmetics brand that has recently launched in the UK. I'd never actually heard of them until I was asked to review some of their products. I had quite a hard job choosing which products I wanted to try, but you know me, a lipstick girl at heart I had to give them a go! And I also realized I was lacking a bit in the eye shadow department, I love my naked palette but the beauty blogger in me always needs more!

I was a bit dubious at first as the lipstick shades weren't quite as I had expected and weren't really me. I usually opt for a brighter shade in a red or purple, although I do have quite a large collection of pink lipsticks... oops! I was still excited to try to see whether these could win me over. With 2 very different lipstick finishes, I was eager to try.

Milano Red Lipstick* in Shade 6

The Milano Red lipsticks are pigmented while still being moisturizing. Shade 6 is quite a light blue toned pink, with a slight frost finish. Definitely not a shade I would wear all the time, but a much more wearable shade that will fit in well with my collection. This one looks really nice with more of a statement eye.

Shine Creator Lipstick* in Shade 5

The Shine Creator Lipsticks are a lot more sheer than the Milano Red ones. Again this is a lot more wearable than the majority of lipsticks in my collection, I can't actually think of any sheer ones I own! It is very moisturizing so would be so easy to wear! Great for a day when you want that natural look. Shade 5 is a baby pink with a slight frost finish. Again, not something I'd wear that often but I'm sure I'll get some use out of it as it's very wearable. 

 Shine Creator Lipstick in Shade 5 (Top), Milano Red Lipstick in Shade 6 (Bottom)

Eye Design Quad Eyeshadow* in Shade 1

I was a bit sceptical of this palette at first, although the shades looked gorgeous I wondered whether they would be a bit chalky, but how wrong was I! The shadows are lovely and so pigmented. They blend nicely and this palette is the perfect one for a smokey eye! I lack a little in shades like this as I am usually picking up nudes and brown shades but I keep meaning to pick some up like this, so now I don't have to. Perfect for that statement smokey eye, or could possibly be mixed with more neutral shades to create more of a wearable smokey eye. I really like this!

After being a little unsure I was totally surprised at how lovely these products actually are. Very wearable, and lovely quality. I would love to expand my collection and get some more shades, perhaps even try some more of their products as I have definitely been won over! 

Have you tried any Deborah Milano products before? 



  1. Thank you for the lovely review!You can find Deborah Milano here...

    1. that's okay guys, thanks for such great products! x

  2. Lovely products!

    Emma x


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