Monday 3 June 2013

OOTD: Field Day Festival

All from Topshop - Skirt £35
Thank you to the lovely Miyelle from Me-Elle-You for this picture, she style snapped me!

I love festival fashion and when my friends agreed to come to Field Day with me, I couldn't wait to decide what to wear. Field Day is a one day festival held in Victoria Park; with a number of stages and tonnes of different music it's such a great affordable day. I actually managed to win a pair of VIP tickets the day before the event through a competition Desperados were running through their Facebook page. This was so exciting as it meant we could sell our tickets on and make a little money out of it and also still get to attend the festival experiencing being a 'VIP'! We weren't quite sure what this would actually get us, but were excited none the less. Turns out there was a VIP area that we were allowed in, pretty sure no one too special was given VIP and we're assuming there was another area but the toilets were nicer and there was a smaller queue. It was nice in there but as all of our group didn't have the wristbands we didn't spend long in there. 

My top picks from this year were Daughter even though her set was cut short and King Krule, we actually managed to get through and watch some of his set from the stage which was amazing! We weren't meant to be but the security let us through with our wristbands and we had the best time! 

Hair chalk! - VIP - Callum taking a picture of King Krule!

Group Photo! - Watching King Krule from the stage, Animal Collective

Fashion wise, I opted for the signature festival floral headband, one I had bought in the Topshop sale a while ago for a costume. I found this skirt in Topshop and instantly fell in love with it! I knew it would be perfect, as the slits make it a bit more interesting than my usual skirts. 

I hair chalked my hair using 3 different shades of blue/turquoise and green, making a gradient each time. I applied it wet so that the colour was more intense and I was so happy with the outcome! It washed out easily, the only thing I was a little worried about as I wondered whether it could stain my re-ombred hair! I borrowed some of my friends but I'll definitely be getting a set of my own, so much fun and so easy to apply! 

For my makeup I did what I do most days, but made sure I opted for a foundation with an SPF in it, just to make sure. We were very lucky with the weather and the sun came out for us so I was glad I did! I also added some glitter to my eyes once we were there, who doesn't love a bit of glitter? 

I had such a good day and would really recommend it to anyone! This was my second time going and I know already it won't be my last! I'm almost 100% sure I'll be going next year! 

Have you been to Field Day? What do you wear to a festival? 



  1. Adorable outfit and I love your hair! :)

    1. thanks love! I'm definitely buying some hair chalks! x

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous!!! You totally rock the festival goer look! xxx

    Gemma ♥ |

  3. Love the outfit!
    And that colour on your hair looks awesome!



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