Sunday 9 June 2013

Instagram #10

Neon Yellow Nails, My 20th Birthday Celebrations at Adventure Bar, Me and Callum - my bf

My new favourite cocktail - the pornstar martini, Girls!, Awful cocktails at an awful event

Behind the blogging scenes with Bonjour Luce after the Tweezerman and Alessandro event, Jetting off to Tunisia!, The gorgeous kittens at our hotel

Beautiful kittens, Palm Trees, Pool!

Waiting for another coach as ours had broken down!, Pretty towel decoration, Finally got some business cards!

Post Holiday face mask, re-ombred my hair!, Hair chalk for Field Day

Quick Burger King before Field Day, Group shot!, Animal Collective

VIP!, Some of my nail polish collection, Field Day OOTD

FOTD, Jamie Oliver 15 minute meal - Mexican Tomato Soup with Nachos, The nachos!

So this post shows you a bit of what I've been up to in May. It's been a really busy month for me, I've finished my first year of Uni on my photography course, which actually I'm changing next year for a PR course. I have always loved doing photography but I've realized that it's not actually the route I want to go into after Uni and as I've not being enjoying the course I made the hard decision to change. I'm really happy I've changed and of course a little nervous, who wouldn't be? I'm looking forward to starting it and learning more. 

I've also had my birthday this month, we went to Adventure Bar in Covent Garden, which I couldn't recommend more! My birthday fell on a bank holiday and they have happy hour all night which meant buy one get one free on their amazing cocktails! I got the chance to make one for my friend Dina, made it super strong and got her super drunk of course. It's such great fun in they're and we loved it! We then went on to Heaven as we had free entry tickets and that too was so much fun. I had such a great night! 

I've also been on holiday with my boyfriend to Tunisia, we had a really lovely week and it was so nice to get away and relax and also do a bit of bartering in their Medina's! I also went to Field Day festival which you can read my post on here - it was so much fun. I've moved out of halls, which was really sad. Sad to say goodbye to all my friends for the summer but I'm really looking forward to moving in with my best friends Dina and Michaela and my boyfriend Callum! It's going to be great fun. 

So I've been very busy which is why I haven't had chance to blog, but now I'm home for the summer with a lot more time on my hands I hope I'll be able to update you all more regularly! 

What have you been up to lately? 



  1. Lovely post, i am a fan of instagram and your pics are fab!

    T xx

    1. thanks lovely! hope you've entered my instagram giveaway!x


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