Tuesday 7 October 2014

Sponsored Video: Joop! Crazy Night

Beauty and a night out... What's more to love? We all know I love them both so this campaign is just right up my street. 

Joop! are a fragrance brand that I've heard a lot about but actually have never tried so I'll have to pop into a store soon and give some of their fragrances a sniff and of course add a few more to the fragrance list (I mentioned some of my favourites in this post! - Marc Jacobs Daisy and Victor and Rolf Flowerbomb, I'm looking at you... )

For this campaign, Joop! have added some awesome Instagram printing machines into selected nightclubs where you can get some super cool prints of your images and be entered into a competition to win a 'crazy night' for yourself! A once-in-a-lifetime experience, why wouldn't you want to enter? A trip to Paris like in the video is something I definitely wouldn't say no to... and of course an obligatory trip to Sephora and the French Pharmacy's would just be necessary... I mean, I'd be an awful Beauty Blogger if I didn't right? 

If it's one thing I love most about nights out, it's the pictures afterwards, but there's something just that little bit more special about having print outs. I love pinning mine with little pegs to string around my room. It's so cute and such a nice way to display your memories. I just find that they become part of the room and it'd be so weird if they weren't there! I think it's something that gets a little lost when we're forever uploading our pictures to the internet, there's just something really nice about holding the image in your hand. Is anyone with me on this? 

If you like a bit of a night out, then this might be right up your street. To celebrate, Joop! are hosting an event on Thursday 9th of October in Disco at Kingly Court, London (such a cool place, you need to go!) and another on the 18th of October in Berlin at Felix Club. To go, all you need to do is RSVP yourself and your friends on the event on their Facebook Page and you're good to go. It sounds really cool, right? 

Drinks, dancing and all the Joop! fun. Go on, you know you want to... 

Lorna x

*This post features sponsored content from Joop

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  1. Oh this looks so cool :')
    I hope there's a machine coming somewhere near me


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