Monday 20 October 2014

The Battle of the Hair Straighteners: GHD v Vidal Sassoon

See those battered up GHD's? These are the only straighteners I've ever owned. Yep, that's right, EVER. I bought these back when I was in around Year 8? Maybe the year before, or the year after. But I was around 12, and I'm 21 now. How have they lasted me this long? It's a miracle. It'll be a sad, sad day when these do finally go kaput. I honestly don't know what I'll do... Buy another pair obviously. But I just don't know how I'll live. 

When Vidal Sassoon contacted me to review a pair of their hair tools, I was sceptical, but I thought it'd be a great opportunity to give another pair a go. You know, just so I can compare. Obviously I chose the straighteners, I can't use curling tongs, I forever burn myself and to me, a hair dryer is just a hair dryer. Maybe that's just me being sceptical, but it dries hair and I thought trying a new pair of straighteners could be mutually beneficial for us both. I love my GHD's, more than I love most things I own, so if these Vidal Sassoon ones can compare... Well they must be good. 

First things first, I'll say these Vidal Sassoon Straighteners* will have to be for straightening solely as they don't have the right curve to achieve the curl like you can with the GHD's, but that isn't an issue. It's just like as if I was to use a pair of curling tongs and a pair of straighteners, both have different end results and thats okay. The best bit about these straighteners? They're a bit better for your hair than others... They use Infra Radiance Technology to achieve kinder, faster and more radiant results, and the plates are specifically created to reduce frizz! They also have extra wide plates making the whole process that bit quicker. As if it couldn't get even better, you don't have to have that worry of wondering whether you switched them off or not, they have an auto switch off after 60 minutes, genius! I'm really impressed with these straighteners, and they're so much cheaper at the moment in comparison. 

They're really worth a go as they're a fraction of the price, and as Christmas is just around the corner, why not pick them up for someone for then...

If your after a more multi-task product, I would go for the GHD's, they're a little bit more luxe and are obviously GHD's so need I say more? 

Have you tried either? What are your favourite straighteners? 

Lorna x


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  1. I am the same, they have lasted so well!

  2. My GHD's broke last year and I got a pair of FHI's and it was honestly the best decision that I ever made!

    Sammy xo.

  3. My GHDs are getting quite old so I'll have to look out for these when they do break! Lovely review :) xx



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