Friday 3 October 2014

The Pick Of The Scent Samples

I didn't quite realise how picky I am when it comes to perfume as I did when I was putting this post together. I have a massive stash of samples of so many different scents but going through them to find my favourites was so difficult. I imagined I'd have to narrow it down to only a few, but picking these 4 was tough enough... 

I'm a Marc Jacobs Daisy gal through and through and have used that scent for years. I try not to use it all of the time as buying perfumes for myself is something I just wouldn't like to do. I know they last FOR AGES but the extortionate prices and the luxury of buying a perfume just isn't the same when buying it for yourself, so I try and make sure I don't get through them uber quickly. I mean, I don't exactly have people begging to buy me perfume so I have to make it last. 

I've got a list of perfumes I'd love to own and Victor and Rolf Flowerbomb is firmly at the top of that list. I have been in love with it for ages and am forever leaving hints to my Dad around Christmas and Birthday time, but you know... It's never been picked up on, so for now, this sample will have to do. A beautiful sweet and floral scent that I just can't get enough of. 

Another I've always wanted is Paco Rabanne's Lady Million and I adore that scent. The one I found in my stash is the Eau My Gold version and it's just beautiful as well. I've been keeping this one in my bag and spritzing it when I can. It smells amazing and of course, I wouldn't turn a full sized bottle away. 

Lastly is the scent I hadn't really thought about loving before. Burberry Body is another gorgeous scent and I actually realised I have a couple of samples of this in my stash. It's another lovely scent that's well worth a sniff and I'm now super excited to use up the tiny bottles I do have. 

In a dream world I'd love to say that I love each of these perfumes so much I'll be popping to the shops right away to pick up all of the full sizes, but this is the real world and perfumes are crazy expensive and for a student like me, well it's just not in my budget. One day I'll have a perfume collection that shows off all of these scents and I'll be dying to choose which one to wear each day. It could happen, right? Victor and Rolf Flowerbomb will be mine... 

What's your signature scent? 

Lorna x


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  1. Hi there,
    Great choices. I really love Victor and Rolf Flowerbomb and body from burberry. I have them both. They smell so amazing!
    Enjoy your weekend.



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