Thursday 7 May 2015

Eating in London: Dirty Bones

If you're looking for good grub in a super cool restaurant then Dirty Bones* in Kensington, London is the one for you. It's one of those cool joints that I can imagine will get super hyped up if it hasn't already, and I can totally see why so I just had to include it in my Eating in London series as not only is it delicious, it's a super fun place so you're bound to have a good evening. 

As you might know if you've caught a few other posts in this series all about London restaurants then you may know that I don't eat meat but do eat fish so there's something here for all you vegetarians and pescetarians out there as I know it can be quite hard to narrow down the good meat restaurants from the ones with great vegetarian options too - I mean, we want super tasty food too! Dirty Bones is full of options so trust me you won't feel like you're missing out whether you eat meat or not. 

Like I mentioned before, this restaurant is super cool. It's perfect for hanging out with your friends with some amazing food and cocktails and is also amazing for date night too! The lights are super dim, so not perfect for taking food snaps (but with a little help from the iPhone torch, I got there) but perfect to enjoy your evening. You NEED to try some of their cocktails. We went for the You Chicken? cocktail with rum, mint, cucumber, apple juice, ginger beer and finished off with a chilli salt rim - this cocktail is amazing and right up my street for my not to alcohol tasting taste buds, and the Mutt's Nuts with bourbon, cinnamon and vanilla maple syrup, angostura bitters with lemon and apple juice, a little sweeter but equally as lovely. 

For starters we got the Salt and Pepper Squid with a smoky lemon mayo and the Padron Peppers in a chipotle and citrus glaze. These were heavenly. I'm a massive squid fan and always order it if I spy it on the menu and I got so excited when I spied it on the menu this time. It was delicious and it was right up there with the good ones. I'd never tried Padron Peppers but oh my god, I'm now totally obsessed. I could eat them all over again, and again, and again.... and again? Okay overkill, but they were heavenly. 

Onto the main event and of course, the hot dogs you might have spied in the pictures above. You pick the sausage you want out of pork, beef and veggie and then you pick the type you want. We went for a Classic Yankee with caramelised and spring onions with mustard and ketchup and The Asian with kimchee ketchup, wasabi mayo, crispy seaweed, pickled sushi ginger and sesame seed and both were amazing. Obviously we went for the veggie sausage and they were delicious. I guess it just depends the toppings you're feeling at the time but I'd probably edge towards The Asian if I went back. 

For sides we got the Chilli Fries, fries seasoned in chilli salt with fresh chilli and dirty bones hot sauce and the Mac & Cheese with a spice mix on the topping. They were both delicious and and went amazingly with the hot dogs. Don't miss out on these amazing sides, just don't do it to yourself. They make the meal and you need them in your life (and stomach). 

Onto deserts and oh boy, these were something special and rounded off the meal amazingly. We went for the Peanut Butter Cookie Cup with salted peanut gelato, caramelised chocolate ganache and dark chocolate cookie chunks and the Coffee Donutini, an espresso martini served with a hot sugared donut for dipping. Both were amazing. I'm such a nut and chocolate fan so the Peanut Butter Cookie Cup was heaven but the Coffee Donutini is the perfect desert if you're out with friends. The best way to end off a meal with a drink and a desert - bonus!

I am so impressed with Dirty Bones and I just know I'll be going back when I need my veggie hot dog fix. 

Lorna x

*The costs of the meal were covered by Dirty Bones for this review


  1. OMG this looks insanely good and I am now super hungry, despite having just eaten breakfast! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  2. Wow, It all looks amazing. May have to pay a visit next time im in London! xo

  3. Oh my goodness this all looks AMAAAZING! If I'm ever in London I'll definitely try and check this out x

    Always, Alice x

  4. Oh my goodness - look at that FOOD! You've defo made me want to try Dirty Bones!

    Gem x |


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