Tuesday 5 May 2015

The Coffee Machine You Need In Your Life

I am so so excited to be writing this post. This is one of the most, if not the most, exciting contraptions I own for my kitchen. I'm talking the Dolce Gusto Oblo Black Coffee Machine* by Krups. Just look at it, it's amazing isn't it!? I'd never thought about getting a coffee machine before. I love the taste of coffee, but I'd had a little bit of a thing with caffeine recently with it making me feel a little bit funny so I took a break and came back guns blazing with this machine. It looks super stylish, I've not seen anything quite like it before. I thought it'd be really complicated to use but I couldn't be more wrong. It's so simple. You basically just fill it up with water, pop the pod in and click the on switch until your cup is full. The only thing I would say is that I'm terrible with measurements so made sure to get my hands on some latte mugs to make sure they didn't end up too watery. I got the pack of 6 Latte Glasses for Tea or Coffee from Home Treats UK* and they are perfect for this! I'm obsessed with my new little coffee collection. 

As for what pods I'd recommend for the Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine, I'd go for the Grande and espresso's for the coffee lovers out there, the latte's are amazing, and for those of you that aren't fans of coffee then the chai tea latte is heaven as is the choccochino. I've not tried them all yet, but I am planning on a bulk order very soon! Will update across social media on the other ones I love. 

As for the price, I think the Oblo is really affordable, I actually would have expected something of such quality that produces drinks just like you get in a coffee shop and that looks this slick to be so much more expensive. It's worth every penny as are the drinks. I think you just have to think about how much it'd cost you to pop down to Starbucks and get your regular against these and I just know the pods would work out a whole lot cheaper. 

I'm so impressed with this machine and I am so happy to have gotten my hands on one. It's incredible!

Lorna x


  1. This machine looks really cool! I'm a coffee lover and I'd love to have a machine like this. Nescafe coffee is my favourite type of coffee as well, I'm so jealous! That price is really reasonable as well, I was expecting it to be expensive! I'm off to hint to the boyfriend... :) xx


  2. I have one of these, the hot chocolate is incredible! <3

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  3. Ooh wow I'd never heard of Krups before, but this machine looks fantastic, and not a bad price either!
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  4. I love my Dolce Gusto coffee machine, it always seems so much easier than boiling the kettle!

    Victoria x


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