Monday 18 May 2015

Eating in London: Pizza Express (New Spring Menu)

Pizza Express is one of those places that we've probably all been to but perhaps we forget how great it actually is because there are so many of them out there. So perhaps although I included this post in my Eating in London series it's perhaps more an Eating in all over England post, if you get my drift? 

My mum is probably one of the biggest fan's of Pizza Express that I know so of course I had to take her to do this review meal. We've been countless times and I think the fact that we go back so often shows how great it is. We headed down to the Basingstoke branch in Festival Place, so not actually in London, and we've been here a few times already and it's usually great and this time was no exception. Pizza Express recently had a re-jig of their menu for Spring and also introduced the make your own pizza competition that you just need to give a go so we headed down to try the new Romana 65 pizzas and see what else the menu had to offer*. 

For start we decided to share and got our favourites the Dough Balls Formaggi, the cheese-y dough balls that taste like heaven and go amazingly with the garlic butter and the starter that I've been ordering for years and years, the Bruschetta Con Funghi. Imagine the amazing Pizza Express dough with creamy mushrooms on top with red onions and a balsamic glaze. I've had this countless times and if you've not tried it yet then trust me you need to! I can't come without having a bite or two of this. 

For the mains, we got to try the new Romana 65's and after trying them out at the menu launch in London recently I couldn't wait to get my hands on a whole pizza, and maybe add a few extra toppings to add a little bit of spice. My Mum went for the La Regina, topped with smoked ham hock, chestnut mushroom, buffalo mozzarella, olives, garlic oil and black pepper on a bechamel sauce with parsley and black truffle oil. She said it was amazing and obviously as I don't eat meat I couldn't give it a go but she was so happy she did as it was a little bit different from the one she goes for usually and wouldn't have tried it if i hadn't told her how much my friend Lettie loved it at the launch. New favourite! I went for the Margherita Bufala, a new take on a firm favourite the normal margherita, but this one is so much better. It's topped with buffalo mozzarella, tomato, basil, garlic oil, oregano and black pepper and with fresh tomatoes and more mozzarella. I added some jalapeños on as I love a little bit of heat on my pizza and it was heaven. It's literally the biggest pizza ever and it was so big that I could only manage half and took the rest home for dinner the next night, bonus! For sides we got the amazing coleslaw and broccolini which both went amazingly with the pizza. We finished these right up... Quickly. 

I was so full by this point so went for a light Vanilla Panna Cotta, so delicious and a firm favourite of mine and my Mum went for the Honeycomb Cream slice, super sweet but so delicious. We left feeling so full but so satisfied. 

Pizza Express might often be the easy option, but you always know you'll be getting amazing food. And although I wouldn't say go there all the time, there are some amazing new places to try if you have the chance, I wouldn't say never go again. The food is delicious and it's of course a safe bet as it's such a household name and for good reason. Head there soon to try out the Romana 65 pizzas, they are massive and so delicious. You just need to!

What's your favourites at Pizza Express?

Lorna x


  1. Omggggg this killed me, I've been craving Pizza Express for ages!

    Sophie x

  2. All of this looks amazing. I'm so hungry now x

  3. Your post just made me super uber hungry! Everything looks so delicious!

  4. looks so yum!


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