Friday 1 May 2015

Sponsored Video: Renault #TwingoFlamingo

Something a little different today, but trust me something I am so excited by! Renault have recently launched a new campaign for their new Twingo car. I can't drive myself (yet) but that doesn't stop me from dreaming about the cars I want to get my hands on. I previously fell deeply in love with the Fiat 500 car, but honestly this has taken over as I love the design and it's something I haven't seen that often. Plus, how gorgeous is that pastel blue shade in the image above? TO DIE FOR (and I need it in my life, please? It can just sit and look pretty in my drive way)!

To go along with the new release of this gorgeous car, Renault have launched the viral campaign #TwingoFlamingo (I'm literally obsessed with this name, so cool!). The campaign features a series of videos following a woman looking a new car, and telling the salesman what she's looking for. It's definitely something for all of you theatre lovers out there as it features a very theatrical song! It's funny and not serious which I think reflects the car as it's so gorgeous, but essentially the song shows the woman listing everything she's looking for in a car and of course, enters the Twingo. It sings a little towards the person inside me that loved Glee (total guilty pleasure, don't hate!). 

So if you're looking to get your hands on a new car, this one is well worth a look. Or perhaps for the rest of us we can just dream right? I totally am - currently imagining this pastel blue baby in the summer, driving down a countryside road - road trip please? 

If you loved this like I did, share your thoughts on twitter with the #TwingoFlamingo and get involved, because, why the hell not? It's fun and perfect for the summer!

Lorna x

*Post sponsored by Renault but as always all views are my own!

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