Thursday 3 October 2013

Ajala Spa: Luxury Hammam Ritual/Honeymoon Treatment

A while ago I headed over to the Aqua PR Bloggers Tea Party at the St Paul's Grange Hotel with my friend Dina. We were excited for all of the tea, cakes and sandwiches we could eat, to see what products Sranrom had to offer (which I have actually blogged about here) and have a look around Ajala Spa - and boy were we impressed!

One of their treatment rooms!

We headed down to Ajala Spa a few weeks ago to try out the Luxury Hammam Ritual, also know as the Honeymoon Treatment after a bit of a mix up the time before when we tried to go for our treatments. This was rectified well, and we were treated brilliantly the next time we attended the spa for our luxury treatments.

The Honeymoon Treatment took place in the Hammam, a steam room with stone beds. The treatment is used to deep cleanse the skin, exfoliate the pores, eliminate toxins and impurities and to melt away muscle tension - and boy did it!

The treatment was split into sections giving us time to relax within the steam and let each of the stages soak into our skin. The treatment starts with a quick go in the rain shower to remove any impurities on the top of the skin. We then relaxed for a while in the Hammam to open the pores and prepare the skin for the treatment. Black soap with a eucalyptus fragrance is applied by the therapists (our therapists were lovely, Anna was amazing! She was lovely and so helpful afterwards, she is a credit to the spa!). The soap is left on the skin while we were left in the Hamman for around 15 minutes to really reap the benefits of the soap - if you have a cold, this part would be perfect for curing that! The soap is so smooth on the skin, I can't even explain to you how amazing it felt! We were then taken back to the rain shower, my only queery with this was that it is actually out in a public area and it is a public shower so it did take a little out of the experience as a whole but I would put this down to it being in such a central location and obviously it can only be in the space they have got so they can just use what they have.

The therapists then apply a body exfoliation using a body exfoliating glove (there is a proper name for this, but I can't quite remember what it is called - sorry! I can try and find out though if you want to know). This is rough, but it is so worth it, your skin is amazingly soft after! Application of a mask is then applied, this is the rhassoul which deep cleanses the pores. It is left on for around 15 minutes before removal which this time was done in the Hammam using a cold water spray. It was cold, but quite refreshing at the same time as the room has been so steamy and hot throughout the treatment. An application of another mask is then applied, this is the honey and royal jelly white mask which is used to soothe the skin while giving it extra nourishment, this is removed too after 15 minutes. I can't explain to you how amazingly relaxed we felt after this and how our skin felt. It was so soft. We made sure to keep our moisturisation up, they recommend using a body butter daily to prolong the soft feeling. They also recommend you to refrain from using any exfoliation products for around a week because all of your dead skin should already be removed and your skin just wouldn't need anymore.

It was a lovely experience and actually was both of our first experiences in a spa, I can imagine a country spa would be even nicer as the location would be even more relaxing - although this was a nice break away from the city centre of London.

I'd love to hear your spa experiences and your favourite places and treatments!

Lorna x


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  1. wow that looks incredible! So relaxing :) x

  2. That both sounds and looks wonderful :)
    I've had spa treatments in both Thailand and Vietnam and it was absolutely amazing.
    Found you through link swap on #bbloggers last night, will check your blog out a bit more, but so far I like it ^^ New follower :) x

  3. Mmmm sounds lush - think I'm due a spa day :)
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