Friday 18 October 2013

Seascape Uplift Body Wash

I used to be obsessed with baths and would always opt for them over a shower but since moving into my new house I have an ensuite with a shower in it. I was faced yet again with not being able to relax in that nice hot bubble bath and I wasn't the greatest pleased although it was to be expected as it is a student house after all! 

This shower gel from Seascape was greatly welcomed, I love trying out new products like these as they are necessities for everyone. This one is quite luxurious and I love to use it in the morning because of the refreshing scent it carries. This includes notes of lavender, lime and eucalyptus - which would also be great if you have a cold. It cleanses nicely and does exactly what it is meant to. As a bonus it is also free from parabens, SLS, silicones, petroleums and artificial colours and fragrances. I love this as you know that you're not putting any of those nasties onto your body - this is definitely something I should look into doing more often.

I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a product to help wake them up in their morning shower! It does that and feels luxurious at the same time. Perfect!

Have you tried any products from Seascape? This was my first! 

Lorna x


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  1. The joys of being bathless in student housing! haha. This product looks amazing I love a shower gel that can wake me up a bit in the morning.
    I really enjoy your blog so I've nominated you for The Sunshine Award! All the details are over on my blog and I hope you enjoy taking part :)



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