Monday 14 October 2013

Introducing Amargan Hair Therapy

I have been in need of a decent hair oil for a while, I do love the Vo5 one that I do use sometimes but I just wanted one that does that bit more so when Amargan contacted me to try out some of their products I jumped at the chance. It was a new brand for me but their products seemed lovely, people had been comparing them to the illusive Morrocan Oil and for that I was down to try it!

The Hair Therapy Oil is my favourite of the bunch and will definitely be the one that I use the most. It is the original product from the Amargan range which the others are then based on. It sorts out frizz, adds shine, detangles and strengthens hair. You can actually use this in place of a conditioner, but as my hair needs as much moisture as it can get I would use this after. I would then either let my hair dry naturally (which is usually the case) or go on to blow drying. The Amargan Advanced Styler can also be used at this stage. It is heat activated and works to condition, eliminate static and keep your hair styled. I like this product as it adds to the conditioning of my hair while keeping it styled and although I do rarely use it, I do use it when I want to give my hair a bit of a boost and treat it a bit better - I'm prone to using this before a night out! The Amargan Ultimate Curl again isn't a product that I'd usually use as my hair is straight. It gives a slight wave to my hair which is nice and I would then curl my hair over the top. I usually use my straighteners so that the process is quick and this speeds it up even more. It also helps to combat any frizz so that is great too - I can only imagine what a godsend this product would be for those with curly hair.

I love this range and I really want to try out the Deep Penetrating Hair Mask next!

Lorna x


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