Wednesday 2 October 2013

LFW with New Look

Fashion week was a bit of a disappointment for me as actually... I didn't make it. I was in the midst of moving house which also meant that there were problems with me receiving my tickets meaning they came after all the shows had finished (gutted didn't quite cover it!) I tried to make it down to the LFW New Look Refuel Room but unfortunately there wasn't enough time in the day and I very sadly missed it - I'll make sure to go next time as from what I've seen it looked amazing!

New Look then contacted me asking me for a quick Q&A about LFW and my blog which I was more than happy to do! 

If you could take home one of the collections, who's would it be? 

Mulberry! I'll be honest and say it was one of the only shows I kept tabs on and watched but boy was it beautiful. I'd happily own it!

If you could sit in the front row with all of the celebs, who would you want to sit next to? 

Alexa Chung for sure. I've been a massive fan of her and her fashion for a long time and it would be amazing to meet her. She is one perfect lady!

If you had a chance to attend the next event, what would you be most excited for? 

The LFW New Look Refuel room looked amazing this year! Filled with all kinds of food and drinks, a photo booth, nail painting and clothes - what more could you want! I'd be excited for it all. 

What made you start writing a blog? 

After reading blogs for so long and constantly contemplating making my own, I just bit the bullet and did it. I wanted to be involved in a community which looked so fun. It seemed amazing having this little space on the internet to update. I had some spare time when it came to the summer that year, so I just did it. 

What is your biggest aspiration for your blog? 

I wouldn't say that I have specific aspirations at the moment as honestly, I currently feel so confused with life and what I want to do. I love my blog to pieces and wherever it goes and wherever it takes me is just a bonus. I'd love to end up doing something in beauty, but I guess I'll cross that bridge when it comes to it. I get so excited when I see I have a new follower, the idea that someone has taken their time to click to follow to keep updated with all of my posts is just amazing and I appreciate every single one of you more than you'll ever know! I've recently started a YouTube account too, so I guess I'll be seeing where that one takes me too!

I really want to attend Fashion Week next year, so hopefully I won't be too busy! 

Lorna x


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  1. I'd definitely love to own some of the new Mulberry collection, it's amazing! It's a shame you couldn't make the New Look event, but I'm sure you'll be there next year :)

    Hope the move into your new house goes smoothly!

    Amy xxx

  2. Oh no, what a shame! I hope you make it next year. I agree, the Mulberry show was beautiful (as always!) xxx

  3. Wow LFW... *drool* i had a mulberry bag which i absolutely adored
    FOllowing you. Do visit me too. I am fRom yesterday's #bbloger chat


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